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Lotto, 10 Ways To Rocket Your Chances Of Winning Lotto

Hi Lotto,

The difference between winning - or not - is often down to the
amount of specialized knowledge you have.

If you've been using your family birth dates to set your numbers,
grouping your numbers in a particular pattern on your ticket, or
using the computer's quick picks... and winning nothing - I've
got 10 secrets to share that will rapidly boost your odds.

These are some of the more common questions that I get asked
daily on how to get more out of the lottery:

1. "Ken, I want to win more often."
You are not alone! There are two ways to do this:

a) Obviously you can play more often, but don't make the mistake
that most folk do... they play with less lines or fewer tickets.
You should always try to play with the maximum number of lines
you can afford each time. Wait a month if you need to, so you can
get the maximum number of tickets. If you want to see how you can
play 4,200 lines for the same price as 14 lines, go here:

b) Concentrate on one game only. You won't have the same success
with the Silver Lotto System if you dilute your money over
several games. A single-minded purpose is the secret of many

2. "Ken, I need to play less often."
Players who ask me this question usually aren't winning as much
as they had hoped. So they figure by playing less they will cut
down the amount of money they're spending. Well, the only way you
can play less often - and maintain a winning advantage - is to
increase the number of lines/tickets you play in each game, but
play fewer games.

3. "Ken, I want more winning certainty."
Simple--I developed the Lotto-80 system just for that. It
predicts when you should play with a simple red and green
'traffic light' system:

4. "Ken, I want to increase my winning amounts."
One way is to enter the games that have higher payouts. But of
course this generally means that they have lower win odds because
they have larger number selections and balls... the organizers
aren't stupid! I generally don't recommend that you play the
large ball/number games. Especially avoid 7 ball games like
Powerball unless you are using my PowerSpread System developed
specially for it:

5. "Ken, I want to spend less when I play."
Money tight at the moment? No problem. The Silver Lotto System is
designed so that you can play a small number of lines and still
have an excellent chance of reducing your odds. There is no set
number or situation, but what the system does is bring you into
the area of high wins for very little money. It's up to you and
luck for the rest!

6. "Ken, I want an ironclad guarantee of a win."
It's strange how many people ask me this. You need to realize
that no lottery system can ever guarantee you wins of any kind.
Any system that claims guaranteed wins is not worth buying - it
rarely fulfills its promise.

7. "Ken, I want to stop losing money when I play."
There is no such thing as a loss in my world. Because you never
'lose' money... you are simply paying for the privilege of
entering the game, just like paying at the turnstile to get into
a football match. But you can:

a) Play less often.
b) Spend less in each game.
c) Play only on paper.

Of course, none of these solutions will actually help you win
more. You have to balance up how much you're prepared to lose
before the odds turn in your favor.

8. "Ken, I want happiness after my win."
In the newspaper stories you read about lottery winners, you'll
find some of them have discovered that a huge amount of money
doesn't bring happiness. It's not the amount of money though...
it is generally because they are not used to handling large sums.
The answer for you:

a) Start planning now, on paper, exactly how you intend to spend
your winnings. The more concrete your plan is, the less problems
you'll have once the Big Check appears in your bank.

b) Give the majority of your win to charity! Before you say I'm
crazy, think about it... first of all you won't have
people/family/friends extorting or clamoring for your money -
because you won't have very much to give them. Secondly, you will
have tremendous satisfaction if the cause is a good one. And no
money worries for you either if you keep enough to pay off your
bills and invest in a small business franchise or property to
give you an income for the rest of your life.

9. "Ken, I want to win at the slots as well."
You can get this successful slot system for winning big at the
slot machines:

10. "Ken, how many products do you have, and what do they do?"
Here are the main products. I also have some other programs, but
I'll talk about those soon:

My Silver Lotto System: Still the best-seller since 1991 and
producing daily winners - $3.2 million is the top winner so far!
I win prizes 98 out of 100 times.

My Lotto-80 Predictive Play System: Gets you the best advantage
every game with an easy red and green light play indicator.

Silver Lotto PRO System: A trio combination of the Silver Lotto
System, Lotto-80 and 4 Custom Profiles that shoot the expected
winning percentage to an amazing 98%.

My PowerSpread System: Specialized Silver Lotto System for USA
and Australian Powerball.

My Lotto Syndicate: Get 4,200 lines for the same price as 14
lines - played for you. You don't have to do a thing.

What do you do now?

You should either buy the Silver Lotto System
( to start, or buy it included in the
Silver Lotto PRO System (

Either way you need the Silver Lotto System to use all my other
products, so get started now!

Happy winning!
Ken Silver
"Helping People Profit Since 1991"

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