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LOTTO-DAILY--Cussin' and Smokin' and Drinkin'

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Our two friends and my wife and I sat down at an outside cafe
table one recent afternoon.

And everything was wrong about it.

Our friends were generous people who wanted to shout us a meal.

And they had chosen this place for its low price because they
were on a budget.

But nothing suited me.

The table next door was filled with tattooed, cursing teens.

The cafe was also a bar... both my wife and I don't drink.

Beer and wine bottles littered the tables.

Smoke from many of the diners drifted over and enveloped us.

I hate smoking.

So I rebelled.

I declared we could all do better and were shifting.

As we bailed from the 'cafe from hell,' I said, "Don't worry
about the next bill, I'll pay."

As we wandered over to a clean, friendly cafe filled with happy
folk who looked and acted just like us, it reminded me... we
often do the right things, with the right intentions - and get
the wrong result.

Our generous friends were stuck on a budget, so we got budget

Oh, there might have been a chance that, in that cussin' group
next table, one of them would be a doctor who would rush to our
aid if one of us had choked on our burger.

But I doubt it.

No doctor there.

Budget buys you budget choices.

In other words, you get what you pay for.

I try and explain this time and time again in lotto...

You can not play with a $4 ticket and expect to win regularly.

The whole principle of my system is to buy QUANTITY.

It's the way my system works:

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Onah H.

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