Monday, September 12, 2011

Lotto, What's Your No-Go Point?

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Hi Lotto,

Over a couple of decades ago, I found myself sitting on an
uncomfortable canvas seat in noisy semi-darkness, hemmed in by
large containers held securely with canvas straps. In the gloom I
could make out the faces of several others, asleep in their

I was on a Hercules air force aircraft, bound for the Antarctic.
Outside the windows shone an eerie twilight. Unusual cloud
formations whisked past underneath.

We had been flying for many hours, and I twisted and turned in my
unyielding seat, trying to get some shuteye. Then, out of the
darkness a finger beckoned. I had been invited to visit the

Up the ladder I climbed, into the small room festooned with dimly
lit instruments and colored flashing lights. The pilots nodded
at me and the navigator beckoned me to sit down on a fold down
seat beside him. He had just finished his work for this part of
the trip, and explained what he was doing.

At this moment he had just finished calculating their fuel
requirements for the no-go point.

This no-go point was a crucial part of the flight... once we
passed it, he said, we could not return to base on the fuel we
had. We would have to continue on, regardless of weather, engine
failure or anything else too scary to contemplate.

Most of us have a no-go point of some kind... where, if we
continue we can't turn back.

So my point is simple...

I know you want to win lotto. You are as enthusiastic about it as
I am.

But it's important that you Don't capitals to
emphasis my point!

I occasionally get emails from Silverites (buyers of my system),
asking how much they have to spend in order to win lotto.

There is no such thing. You can spend as little as $10 a week
with my system, and still have an excellent chance of winning. Or
you might have to spend more to see results.

But what I want you to avoid is spending a vast amount of money
that will take you beyond that no-go point. Spend sensibly. Use
as many resources as possible to bring your risk down. Trade
intelligent thinking for money... and make your funds go further.

I'm talking about these products that will help you use your
funds wisely: Lotto-80 ( and the Winner's
Circle (

If you have very little money to play each week, save it up -
don't spend it - then put it all down on one game after a month.
Your odds will be vastly improved that way.

So, did I get past our no-go point and visit the Antarctic?

Or did we crash, and I'm writing this to you from a remote island
on my solar powered laptop, surviving on dried fish and spring
water while waiting for the Coast Guard to arrive?

Hmmm. :-)

I have consistantly won 3,4 and 3 times I have won
5 numbers in the last 3 months in the Florida lotto.
Winning 5 numbers is a win of between $5,000 & $8,000.
Steve B.

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Happy winning!
Ken Silver
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