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LOTTO-DAILY--At 100 Km/hr Sideways I Thought I Was Going To Crash

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The Porsche's engine gently growled in a dull staccato as I
lowered myself into the driver's seat again.

Ahead lay the race course, its gentle curve vanishing into the
distance... dotted with traffic cones.

My instructor looked across at me and said, "When you're ready,
let's do it."

I slipped the gear into auto, and looked in the rear vision

Behind me, standing and chatting on the grass were my course -
the group of people I had grown to know and like over the day's

I was a guest of the Porsche World Roadshow.

Here, in a short but busy day we were being trained to drive one
of these sleek German automobiles in competition.

Most of my group were Porsche owners... some had track racing
experience and competed in the weekends on tracks around the

Many were lean, James Dean kind of guys, with the look of a
Marlborough Man about them.

They talked in racing gabble and Porsche shorthand that I didn't
quite understand.

They were cool.

I was not.

I was almost twice as old as the oldest of them.

My bones creaked and I felt the cold.

And I had never raced a car on a track before.

And here I was, ready to take on these experts in a race for the
quickest slalom time... to try and beat the fastest of them for a
personal best.

But I was going to lose badly, I felt it.

The slalom is a deceptively simple race.

You weave the Cayman S through tightly placed traffic cones, up
to 10 times.

At the end you do a U-turn and come back, swinging round the same
cones again, left and right, until you reach the finish line.

You go fast as you can.

In fact the instructor went so fast in the demo run, at times I
wondered if I could keep my head from banging on parts of the

We were hitting 3-4 sideways G's.

Now it was my test time... I was the last of the group to try.

I took a deep breath, remembering my first practice run-throughs
had not gone well.

Like some of the others I had hit several cones, gone the wrong
way round on others, and my time was abysmally slow as I tried to
make sense of the markers rushing up to me at tremendous speed.

But this was my last chance... if it went well, the other lousy
practice times didn't count.

"I CAN do it this time," I said to myself through gritted teeth.

And this time was now.

When the flag went down I flipped my foot off the brake and
banged it on the accelerator as hard as I could.

Our heads jerked back and in a couple of seconds we were hitting
70 km/hr and reaching the first cone.

Man, that car is FAST.

Despite my belief that the Porsche was going to overturn, I swept
round the cone, tires screaming.

Immediately the next one came into view.

Our speed was rising as I accelerated then braked smoothly as I
had been taught.

Round the cone, accelerate, brake, turn round the next one.

I couldn't believe how this Cayman S model stuck to the road,
tires squealing in protest.

We reached the U-turn and I swung it round in a fast 360, heading

The track ahead was a blur... a sea of red and white cones.

But as I looked several turns ahead as I had been taught, the
path seemed to clear.

My rhythm increased and became almost fluid.

I was whipping the steering wheel left then right as I kept my
hands in the same 9-3 o'clock position I had been shown in the
training session.

It was like a complex fitness workout.

We were doing at least 80 km/hr as we flashed over the line and I
jammed my foot on the brake as hard as I could.

Amazingly, we stopped on a dime, in a length and a bit.

The girl timing me gave us a thumbs up, then marked something on
her clipboard.

The instructor said, "That was OK."

The times were secret.

No-one would know them - or our individual position in the group
- until the presentation dinner later in the afternoon.

And as I moved off with the drivers to the next stage, I thought
nothing of it.

I even left early after the course to miss the rush hour traffic
in my 2 hour drive back home.

And missed the presentations.

But the surprise was yet to come...

A few days later I met up at the dealership which had given me
the invitation to the day.

"I've got something for you," said Brandon in the showroom, and
he slipped away into his office, coming back with a 1:18 scale
model of the same Cayman I had driven in the slalom.

"Hey, nice," I said as I recognized the model.

"Take a look at the plinth," he grinned.

And inscribed on the base were the words: Porsche World Roadshow
Slalom Winner.

"It's yours." he said. "You got the top time."

I was shocked.

It turned out my time on the last run was far better than all the
others combined.

And I won the second trophy ever in my lifetime. (I'll tell you
about the other one in a later story).

It was a red-letter day for me because it showed me the success
value of a single principle that I followed that day.

I won because I could Follow Instructions.

All I did to win was to forget my own personal feelings and
fears, and follow the instructor's words - to the letter.

I beat other enormously skilled drivers with decades of
experience and youth on their side.

And the result was a huge success.

All because I followed the leader and slavishly did what he said.

If there is a moral in this tale, it is that when you get a
trophy as rare as this, you have boasting rights forever among
your family and friends. Oh yes, I used it often!

But more importantly, it points up the advantage of believing and
following the experts.

Copying them, emulating their success.

Both in racing - and in the lottery.

There's only one way you will win the lottery:

- Not by selecting your own numbers.
- Not by playing when you feel like it.
- Not because someone says it will never work.

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