Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lotto, Shocking Unrevealed Report (Yawn)

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Hi Lotto,

Everyone was shocked - except me.

Because Britain's National Lottery Commission reported that lotto
is not as random as was previously thought.

This of course is no surprise to me, since my Silver Lotto System
is based upon interpreting non-random patterns like this.

Completed in 2002 (10 years AFTER I developed my own system), the
nine-page document, called "The Randomness of the National
Lottery" was meant to offer absolute proof that lotto is random.

But it doesn't show that proof...if you keep reading it.

The report covered 637 draws from 1994 to 2002 and says, among
other things:

- Some number combinations popped up with unusually high
- Other numbers showed a major departure from randomness.
- The number 38 was drawn so many times that they wondered
whether a ball inspection was required.
- The bonus ball would usually be a high number - 40 or above.
- Thunderball draws that were 4 weeks apart seemed to 'talk' to
each other. If one game favored a high set of numbers, then there
would be a correspondingly low set 4 draws later.

So what does this mean to you, the lotto player looking for a

Just this...

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Thanks a ton Ken,
Just to let you know I have won very often
using your system, I have tried alot of
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Bill H (name & address supplied)

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