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LOTTO-DAILY--What The Rolling Stones Concert Taught Me About Winning The Lottery

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So you've given the lotto shop your $10 or $20 this Saturday, and only
got a free ticket or a $3 ticket back for it.

And you figure you're not going to waste any more money until you
can get a guaranteed win.

Good luck to ya!

Instead, you need to keep playing - even through the slack times.

And this is why Silverites like Phil and Michael (and me with a
98% success rate) win many times over:

...kept trying the system and 2 weeks
ago won 2nd division powerball $100,000.00...
Thanks Phil..

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What stops most folk from winning is this - they think they are
'losing' money when they don't win.

So I'm giving you 5 effective ways to stop that nagging feeling
that you're losing money every time you buy lottery tickets.

Because until you can stop that unconscious feeling of loss,
you're never going to win big.

Your lottery money is an investment - but always not the kind you
may get back straight away.

Sometimes your winning streak may be instant.

Or it may not happen for a while.

And until that happy day, you just have to keep persevering.

Here's the 5 ways to reduce the effects of loss and keep you

#1. Pay The Entry Price:
A couple years ago the Rolling Stones came to our city on tour.
While I'm not a Stones fan, it was a big event and thousands had
paid for a seat in our open air stadium. I didn't. So on the
evening the band were playing, I drove by the stadium on my way
to the shops and listened to them for a few minutes parked

It was a mildly nostalgic moment for me as it brought back
memories of lost teenage years. Of course, nothing would replace
seeing the act itself for real, but then I hadn't bought a

Just like playing the lottery - without the entrance fee,
the price of the tickets - I would never be able to get in and
enjoy the show, or jackpot.

But there's a problem with buying tickets too. The outcome is not
always guaranteed:

- If it rained, the act would have been cancelled and left me and
thousands disappointed.

- Or, I could have got into the show but been disappointed with
the performance and come out with a throbbing headache from the
noise - and very few good memories.

- Or I could have got backstage, grabbed autographs from Mick and
Keef on my guitar and sold it on eBay for a few thousand dollars.
Then, as a former bass guitarist, I would have blipped a few
skilful notes on a nearby bass and they would have asked me to
become a session musician with them :)

The fact is - you don't know what the outcome will be. It could
be a succession of failures... or the best experience you'll ever
have... the jackpot.

So your ticket is an essential entrance fee - a gateway to these

Without it, you're standing at the gate outside, peering in.

And it's the same with the lottery.

Don't ever call your ticket costs a 'loss.'

Your play-money is the first important entry point to success, so
pay up happily.

#2. Don't Pay Cash.
This is contraversial flipside advice. Many well-meaning
financial and budget advisers - like Suze Orman and her "Back To
Cash" movement - will tell you to use cash so you can keep a
better grip on where your money goes. The physical act of taking
money out of your wallet and passing it across makes the spending
process more real.

Not us. We want to avoid that so we can be less sensitive to the
money going out. So wherever you can - use plastic. I'm not
saying you should spend freely or unwisely. Just make sure you
reduce the mental and physical effect of money going out from
your wallet. There will be less pain for you!

#3. Pay Late.
I pay all my bills the moment they come in... it's the way I get
great service from tradespeople for future business. But when I'm
buying lottery tickets, I want those digital greenbacks in my own
bank account until the very last minute. So I pay late as
possible on the afternoon of the game... leaving it until the
last hour sometimes. If you pay early in the week your funds are
just sitting uselessly in the lottery pool - helping only the
organizers as it gathers interest for them. Keep the power (and
the interest) to yourself, pay late!

#4. Use Throwaway Money.
If you're like most folk, you use most of your money for other
things. There's no such thing as 'spare' money for you. But if
you are going to stop the feeling of loss - and be able to play
fearlessly - you need to look at the money you spend as a totally
throwaway expense. Of course, in the real world we need every
dollar, there's nothing like spare money like this. But the
closer you can get to this ideal, the better you play will
become. So only play with the money you can afford to do without.

#5. Don't Write To Me.
Occasionally I get players writing to me saying they have spent
$xx and only got $x back. The minute I see these emails I know
these folk will never win. They don't have the mindset of a
winner that forces them on when times seem bad. I know they'll
soon give up.

And in fact this last tip #5 is probably the MOST important.

Because the secret to success in the lottery or anything else is
pure Persistance.

Just read success stories of entrepreneurs who have made it. The
most common trait is purely and simply Persistance... it is this
fact that unites them all in getting to the top.

And it applies to everything we do in playing the lottery too.

Only the focused and persistant players will ever win big.

I hope you will count yourself among them by following these

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