Monday, August 15, 2011

Lotto, The 'Luckiest' 29-Yr-Old Alive!

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Hi Lotto,

There's a book on my bookshelf that amazes me every time I look
at it.

It's the experiences of a then-29 year-old Australian public
servant who has won almost every prize imaginable by entering
sweepstakes and contests.

World trips, ski holidays, cars, cameras, sponsor's products...
the list of major and minor prizes he has won was just

So he wrote a book about his story, and explained how he did it.

What makes this modest 9-to-5 public servant a lucky winner all
the time?

Because his formula is a simple two-step process:

1) He enters every contest. He regularly scans the women's
magazines and newspapers, and when he sees a contest he enters
it. Sometimes up to 5 or 10 a week.

2) He makes multiple submissions. And to reduce the risk of his
entries being spotted, he writes them in different envelopes,
different styles, different paper, different colors and sizes.

Are you picking up the similarity between this extraordinarily
lucky guy, and you, winning lotto?


I thought you'd see it.

OK. Just imagine if he were a lotto player. Here's how he makes
his own luck...

1) He makes consistent entries. If he were a lotto player, he
would be entering a new game every week. Comedian Woody Allen
once said, "80% of success is just turning up." And the cliched
comment, "You've got to be in to win" is exactly right.

2) He swamps the field with multiple entries. As a lotto player,
he would be using many lines and tickets to cover the odds.

In short, he does exactly what I recommend you do with the Silver
Lotto System. Play often with multiple tickets/lines.

Do you see how you can manufacture your own luck?

Consistency and frequency.

Only this way can you become one of the luckiest lotto players
alive, just like Ron here, and hundreds of other winners using
the my system:

i won on 6/49 couple weeks ago 4/6
and won again 5/6 for $5,136.00
in three weeks. have had your program
for two years but haven't stopped
winning from 10$ to 20$ to 82.50
and so on.
Just believe.
ron m.

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And if you have bought it, then play frequently... and be
determined to make your own luck!

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your winnings using my world-winning lotto system:

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Happy winning!
Ken Silver
"Helping Lotto Players Become Winners"
Silver Lotto System founder, since 1991
Head of the Silverites (buyers of my system--and thank you!)


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