Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lotto My Extraordinary Experience With Garth

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Hi Lotto,

I didn't believe in astrology... until one day 20 years ago I had
the most extraordinary experience of my life.

Out of pure curiosity I had contacted the services of a prominent
local astrologer called Garth Carpenter. The following
experience was to haunt me for years after.

For nearly 30 minutes this gentleman gave me personal predictions
that were absolutely unbelievable. The accuracy with which he
was able to tell me about my background, my family's activities
and my personality was just amazing.

As a cynical journalist, I had taken precautions so that he
didn't know very much about me beforehand. But that made no
difference. The whole experience was eerily accurate.

Of course I assumed that he was a good reader of personality - as
many astrologers and psychics are - that would explain his
accuracy in my own reading.

But there were many, many other things he revealed to me that I
simply could not explain away.

Me - a hard-bitten, seen-it-all before kind of guy!

I've since come across many other curious things in my life-time.
A close friend of my wife had one of her back teeth turned to
silver after a religious experience at her church. I saw the
tooth with my own eyes. And I saw the dental records, along with
the dentist's baffled comment that he could not explain the

But if anyone tells you they have a system that can predict your
lucky winnings, walk the other way.

There are some things which can be predicted - but lotto is not
one of them.

Instead, my Silver Lotto System works by removing the unlikely
numbers, leaving you to choose the best of the rest - using my
system of course.

It works without any mumbo-jumbo!

Not all winners strike it big. But what would you say to over
$70k, like Murray here?

Hi Ken;

Just thought I would share this good new's. I've
started a pool at work with your system with
about 18 co-workers we've won a little here and
there the most was $83.00 untill now, we just won
$70,634.60 on the 6/49 in Canada so that's a
little over $3900 each! I've been using your
system for about 4 months.
Thanks So much!
Murry B.

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Happy winning!
Ken Silver
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