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Lotto, are you safe buying from me?

Hi Lotto,

Ken Silver again...

If you haven't bought the perfect solution to your winning
problem - my Silver Lotto System, I'm guessing it's because -
like many people - you're slightly nervous about buying off the
net from someone you don't know.

Or maybe you saw my photo and thought someone that looked like a
film star couldn't possibly be selling a lotto system! (Just

Well, I'm here to reassure you--and I'm not kidding now--that
since selling my system since 1991 without a single hitch, I
guarantee you will have a zero-risk experience.

Now, this is a long email. If you're in a hurry, here's a quick

>> If you purchase from me by credit card--or any other way--you
are 100% safe because you are guaranteed by the banks.

>> You can ALWAYS get your money returned if your card details
are stolen. (But they won't be, and I explain why).

>> Your details are safe with me--a veteran of the internet
since 1995. Only honest sellers last this long!

>> Something interesting about "King Kong" film maker Peter
Jackson and me.

>> How my son can make you feel more confident.

>> Now that you're happy, get the Silver Lotto System with full

OK, you're going for the full 5 minute version? Good--it's really

Let's go...

Some people are reluctant to purchase goods on the internet with
their card.

I can't understand why.

Because me - the seller, and the banks, take ALL the risk!

You, the buyer, take absolutely none. True!

In a minute I'll talk about why you won't have any worries about
me or my lotto products. But first, let's look at how secure your
online payment actually is...

I use the popular credit card processing company, Clickbank. It's
one of the biggies in the online world. And they enforce Very
Strict Rules for sellers like me.

With Clickbank, you enter your card details on a secure webpage
giving a massive 128 bit encryption.

That's at the maximum safety level for your internet buying.

My 40 year-old son is the top security whiz in a global
computer company in Britain. He's the head of his field with
a lot of staff. I can't tell you any more about this
international company.

When I asked him to check out ClickBank, he looked at
the whole business with a critical eye, and said yes. He
Clickbank has all the top-listed internet security features.

So there we are - straight from the horse's mouth. And other
experts in the security game agree with him too.

Here's another good aspect...

Clickbank doesn't even keep your card details.

Your numbers and dates are sent straight on to the bank and not
retained by Clickbank. If someone were to hack into Clickbank's
website looking for card details, they wouldn't find dot, zero,
nil, zilch.

Are you relaxing a bit now? Good.


Then, at the next level come the banks.

They have a very sophisticated system of fraud protection.

So if you lived in California or Canada or Canberra and a hacker
tried to use your card number from Russia, it would be
disallowed. There is a host of clever features that looks at--and
prevents--cards being used outside their originating country for
online purchases.

And both Clickbank and the banks have a hi-tech filtering system
that is constantly being updated. It looks at your buying
patterns among other things. If ANY of the criteria doesn't match
yours for a number of carefully selected reasons, your card is

Again, that's good if you're worried about your details being
used by someone else.

For example, if your card is stolen... if it finally gets through
all those security checks and the thief succeeds in buying
Michael Jordan's autographed boxers with it, even then you don't
lose your money.

Not a single cent.

No, you just contact your card company. They look into it, and if
your card has been stolen or misused by someone else, they'll
return your funds.



What can you worry about next?

Well, there's the Merchant - the person you purchase the goods

In your case that's me - Ken Silver, a real person from
picturesque New Zealand which is right down here at the bottom of
the world past Australia (and not part of it either).

A paradise that is a tourist magnet.

Where the world-famous films "Lord Of The Rings" and "King Kong"
were made. One day I'll tell you how I bumped into New
Zealand-born director Peter Jackson in a furniture shop here,
when we have more time.

So, how can you trust me?

After all, I'm not a mate of Peter Jackson. (Though now he's lost
all that flab, we kinda look the same. Only the weight of our
wallets tells us apart!)

Well, I've had my business domain names registered in one form or
another since 1995, and been in business longer, going back in
1990. Maybe that doesn't mean much. But, like me, most of the top
net people have been going for years. The failures normally drop
out pretty quick.

So my longevity is a good indicator for you.

And take a look at my involvement with support businesses like my
Corporate Call Centre (one of our country's largest, who process
some of my cards and phone orders) since 1996, and Clickbank
since 2001.

You are welcome to email Clickbank at and
request details of my activities. They know - and I know too - if
there is even one hint of my product not being delivered or
refunds not actioned, they will quickly close my account.

But I'm still here, many tens of thousands of sales later.

I'm also in the top 3 of over 11,500 merchants in their sales
affiliate section. Last time I looked we were 1st.

It takes a while to reach that level. You can read more here on
how I get ranked, at


So are you convinced now?

No? Still nervous about paying by card?

You needn't worry.

You see, we're very honest down here in New Zealand.

Reader's Digest magazine recently placed us amongst the top
honest countries to do international business with. (Yes, I
subscribed to them for another year for that!)

That's about it. More information than you ever thought you

You can find out how to order the Silver Lotto System here:

Happy winning!
Ken Silver
"Helping People Profit Since 1991"
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