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LOTTO-TIPS--Lotto, How To Achieve Your Winning Goals

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Hi Lotto,

Ken at your screen again.

Today's Tip

Winners in life set strong goals and stick to them. Did you know

It's a fact. I'm living proof. Every goal I've set in my life,
I've achieved - and often succeeded very much quicker than my
original goal plan time. I became a millionaire in 2006 though

That's the power of selective focus that goal-setting brings.

But how do you set a goal for winning lotto?

Well, you can do what the partners in a British window glazing
company did in the early days of the English national lottery.
They simply kept putting in the profits from their business into
the weekly game. Thousands of pounds. Even in today's currency,
it was a huge amount.

But it paid off.

After investing a large amount of money without even a glimpse of
a winning, their effort succeeded after a nail-biting three
months. They won the Big Prize - several million pounds.

I'm not suggesting you spend as much in the same way. After all,
these guys may have not won a penny, and their investment would
have been wasted. It was only luck that finally came their way as
a reward for their persistence.

But you can do certain things to ensure you meet your goals and
improve your winning chances too. Here's how:

a) Write down your goal.
Everyone enjoys doing this. Put down on paper the things you
intend to buy with your winnings. Don't leave anything out...
whether you just want to help your family out with a house, or
buy a new car, get rid of your debts for good, wave your boss
goodbye, donate to your local church, start a business... write
it all down.

Review it often, especially before you buy your tickets. It will
give you encouragement while you wait for your winnings.

b) Be realistic with your dreams.
Here's a little story: On an overseas trip recently, en route
from Tokyo, I sat next to a Japanese gentlemen in business class
(I love where those accumulated Air Points get me!)

After our introductions we got on to our love of good cars. I'm a
car nut, so it wasn't too long before I brought the subject up.
He mentioned he owned a late model Ferrari Testarossa. I was
immediately envious, but the feeling didn't last long. Because he
started talking about what was going wrong with his beautiful
automobile after only 7,000kms of driving.

The costs were staggering - $20,000 to replace the starter motor!
He went on about other repairs that simply were too expensive for
the ordinary guy to imagine, and I was put off Ferraris forever.

You see, when you buy those exotic items, they come with an
additional price. A massive McMansion needs hundreds of thousands
of dollars worth of new furniture to fill it, and maybe staff to
run it. An exotic car or jet needs ongoing and expensive

So while these toys are great to dream about, the ongoing costs
afterward will eat up your fortune quicker than a gopher on a
golf course.

And you can't really drive through McDonalds in a million-dollar
Mercedes Maybach, like American comedian and car buff Jay Leno
famously did a while back. Not all dreams are practical.

Pitch your ambitions high, but think a bit further ahead and
tailor your purchases with common sense.

More on this topic in the next Lotto-Tips, including some play

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