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LOTTO-TIPS--Lotto, Are You Winning Yet?

Each issue I give away a copy of my Silver Lotto System in a draw
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Hi Lotto,

Ken at your screen again.


Last issue I talked about how winners in life set strong goals
and stick to them.

OK, let's talk about lotto and you...

c) Decide how much you can spend on tickets.
Lotto tickets are your passport to a personal fortune. When you
buy them using my Silver Lotto System, this system puts you up
near the top of the winning queue.

But - as I tell you often, in this newsletter and also on my
website - using my system won't guaranteee you a winning. It just
brings it closer for you.

d) Buy more.
In the Silver Lotto System instructions, I mention you need to
buy more lines/tickets. In fact, you should stop buying the small
ticket amounts, and wait until you can afford to use as much of
the complete system as possible.

Work out how much you can afford without missing out on bill
payments, food, savings and buying fun things. If you are
planning to be a committed player, make your ticket amount as
high as possible. Only in this way can you get the maximum
chances from your purchase.

Yes, winning is possible with just a few $1 tickets using my
system. But the more you play, the greater the chance you'll get
winnings. Just like anything else.

e) Set a regular play time with a deadline.
Decide how long you are going to play at the level you've chosen.
For example, before buying the Silver Lotto System you might have
been a 5 line player each week.

With the system, you might decide to play 50 lines each month.
You calculate your lotto prices and your play budget, and figure
you are able to spend this amount each month for a whole year. So
build that time period into your goal setting.

In between your large plays, take a couple of lines using the
Silver Lotto System, just to keep your enthusiasm up.

f) Bounce back and try again.
You may go for a few weeks without winning a dime. Or you may get
small amounts - but not enough to satisfy you. You may wonder
whether my system works, or whether you should just forget lotto

The answer is simple.

Look at your plan again. Stick to it. My 80-98% winning
experience sets the standard - you just follow the plan. Increase
your ticket investment. Persist, persist, persist!

Today's Testimony

Maher previously won $537,396.59 using the Silver Lotto System.
Now he writes:
Again look what i have played for OZLOTO 7 the new game.
I had 10 number as system 10. i got 5 numbers with no subs.

LOOK at the email:


Congratulations !

Your 7's Oz Lotto ticket (Tattersall's Ticket Number 09 08334
0016100528) was a winner in draw 610.

Under normal circumstances, minor wins are credited to your
account overnight, so you should find the amount of $1445.50 in
Internet account by 8:00 am tomorrow.


Tattersalls Customer Support team

Winning is all about patience and persistence, setting goals and
bouncing back from defeat... all essential ways of succeeding in
the exciting game of lotto. Buy all of these winning tools today
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Happy winning!
Ken Silver
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