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LOTTO-DAILY--What's It Like Living The Millionaire Life? I Answer.

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Got a short email today:

"Ken, just tell me something; How does it feel to be a

Well, Arturo, it's nice, really nice:

- I don't ever look at my grocery or petrol bill, I just buy what
I want.
- I have a gardener to do the lawn stuff I don't enjoy.
- I have several Roomba's (vacuum robots - which I found to be
far better value than a house cleaner).
- I get our laundry picked up each week and delivered. I get
fresh pillowcases every day.
- My main tv is a 65" Panasonic plasma, high definition. The
picture is incredible.
- I have 2 washing machines so my wife and I can wash whenever we

And you know what?

Every time I do something expensive - I'm buying a new SUV
tomorrow, for example - I think back to the black days when I
could hardly afford $20 to put petrol in my old car.

Back to the days when I was poor and barely able to afford to

I wasn't homeless and living under a bridge, but it sure felt
like it for a while.

I was down and out.

And a double whammy - this collapse came after living a good
lifestyle... I had a nice home on a hill, nearly new Mercedes,
overseas holidays for our family.

In the end, those 20 years ago, the economy went against me and I
didn't have the reserves to improve my lot.

Yes, I crashed big time.

So it makes me very much appreciate everything I've worked for in
this last decade of affluence.

I'm grateful every day - and I take nothing for granted.

Living as a milllionaire is different for everyone.

Some, like the world's richest - Warren Buffet - live modestly in
the same home they bought 25 years ago and drive an older car.

Let me tell you a true story about the differences.

This is a story of two Aston Martin supercars.

One that belongs to me, costing less than $200,000.

You can see it on my website at

And another that cost $2.5 milllion, bought a few weeks back by a
rich industrialist in our country's South Island.

You'd be more interested in the expensive one I imagine.

It's a new One-77.

Only 77 were made of this limited model... they are one of the
most expensive cars ever made with over 7 liters of horsepower
under the hood.

A top speed of 357 km/hr... that's about 220mph... makes them
them almost the fastest car around.

Now, the owner of this black supercar is a pretty down to earth
kinda guy.

In a tv news documentary I watched recently, he admitted he's
already put a couple of marks on it.

And doesn't care much.

And he has already taken his dog to the local vet in it.

Yep, we saw the cute little doggie in the passenger seat, smiling
for the camera.

With his claws on the seat! Yikes!

So this guy is obviously going to treat his worldclass motoring
classic as nothing special.

Unlike me.

My Vanquish was pampered and coddled.

I didn't take it out in the rain.

Or park it on the street for someone to damage.

Or do any crazy fast driving (except a couple of times that
no-one saw, I think).

And after a year's worth of polishing and upgrading, it shone and
looked like new... even better than when I bought it.

I've always been that way.

I care for my stuff because I appreciate every little thing.

The One-77 guy has always lived his way.

Take it or leave it.

We're totally different.

And that is what it's like to live as a milllionaire...

You don't suddenly change from a nerd into a party-going,
champagne swilling yacht owner.

Or from dirty to clean.

We millionaires are all very much the same as when we first started.

Except that we have fewer munney worries.

And a few more toys :)

There's only two ways you're going to get to my position.

The first is obvious: At some stage you are going to win a lot of
munney with my system, like this $3.2 million-dollar winner:

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And the second I'll tell you about in my next newsletter.

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