Friday, June 10, 2011

Lotto, here's your lotto info.

Hi Lotto,

Did you try the Lottery Millionaire Test at

You'll be interested in some special information about it in this

But first, something for nothing - just for you today...

How To Get A FREE Silver Lotto System

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Were you a Lotto Millionaire at

Jump up and down with joy if you matched the test!

But I guessed you didn't.

Very few players match the numbers. You see, it's almost
impossible to guess the correct selection without inside

To help you along, check out these tips:

5 Secrets To Choosing Lotto Numbers:

#1. What numbers show up more than others?

---Tip: 38 is one number you should be playing
in each game.

#2. How do you spread a net of numbers so you
catch the most winning possibilities?

---Tip: It's not wheeling. That kind of system
is flawed and wasteful because it only selects
a tiny selection of possibilities. Don't use it.

#3. How do you maximize your spread of numbers
without duplicating and wasting valuable lines
the way wheeling does?

---Tip: Check you're not doubling up your numbers.
It's easy to do. My Silver Lotto System has
built-in checks to prevent this happening.

#4. Which 3 sets of numbers rarely appear together?

---Tip: You won't be able to work them out without
expert help. But you should avoid putting consecutive
numbers together on 1 ticket. For example: 1, 2, 3,
together rarely occurs. Don't run numbers diagonally
across the ticket. And don't use different numbers
each game. Stick to the same ones, whatever they are.

#5. Which games you should play, and which should you

---Tip: You should play only games with the lowest
number of balls and numbers, and the smaller the
better. Avoid seven ball (bonus ball) games, or
other games with high numbers from 60-90). The
difference can be up to a massive 1:42 million in
the odds against you winning.

It's a complex business researching numbers to prove lotto

That's why back in the early 90's I took 2 whole years to figure
out my Silver Lotto System. It seems so simple today when you see
it explained in the manual. And of course it's not - I don't
reveal the whole system there... only how you can to use it to
get as many prizes as possible.

But you only have to see my impressive 20-year track record to
get an idea of its power. In over 9.8 out of 10 games, I arrive
home with a grin and a win.

So do many other Silver Lotto System buyers.

However, here's my caution to you... even my system's superior
advantage won't promise you The Big One. No-one can promise you
that. But it will give you an excellent fighting chance--way
above the average... many millions of times improvement when you
use it. I've substantiated those odds in one of my blog posts at

Happy to give my system a try?

Go to:

Ken Silver
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Silver Lotto System founder, since 1991

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