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Lotto, a few important things you might want to know...

Hi Lotto,

Ken Silver here once more.

Persistent, aren't I?

But if you haven't trusted me with your purchase of the Silver Lotto
System, I'm getting curious to know why. It's been over a
week now since you tried my Millionaire Test.

Maybe you have some more questions I haven't answered yet.
Perhaps you don't know enough about me, and don't want to buy
from a perfect stranger half-way round the world. Or maybe
something I haven't done has annoyed you.

Well, today's your lucky day.

I'm revealing a few answers to commonly asked questions.

You'll get to know me a bit more, and hopefully feel more
confident about purchasing my perfect answer to your lotto losing

Here's what you'll find out here:

>> Ken, why don't you shorten your emails down!
>> Can I purchase your manual as a book?
>> Why isn't your phone or fax number on your website?
>> What makes the Silver Lotto System different?
>> What makes your system better than all the rest?
>> Is it easy to get my money returned?

Let's go:

*** You write far too much on your website Ken! I can't read it
all and still have time for dinner. Why don't you shorten it

Ask yourself: what product would you feel more comfortable
buying... one with only a couple paragraphs of skinny information
- or one with a mass of information and support behind it? No
contest. Yes, big is best. It reassures you, the buyer, that you
are getting the most I have to give you. After all, if a product
is no good, or ineffective, it's hard to write a lot about it,
isn't it?

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

*** Can I purchase your manual as a book? This electronic PDF
stuff is too complicated!

On behalf of the entire computer industry, I apologize. Yes,
computers are far too complex still, and it's incredibly annoying
for me too. You'll be interested to know that for the thousands
of people I sell to--all with different computers and
systems--the digital PDF copy is actually the best way to go.
Even with all its complications. An incredible 600 million
downloads have been made of Adobe PDF Reader software round the
globe. (The number's probably so high because we all have to try
several times. Darn computers!!)
So if you haven't downloaded the no-cost Acrobat Reader, now's
the time. Like many other computer essentials, this is one you
should have! Go here to download it:

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

*** Why isn't your phone number on your website? The Better
Business Bureau says only shonky sellers fail to show it.

Most of my clients are in the northern hemisphere. I'm in New
Zealand at the bottom of the world, so the time zones are often
completely different to mine... often your day is my night. Many
years ago I advertised my phone number on my website, but after I
had been woken bleary-eyed many mornings at 2am or 3am (my normal
bedtime is much earlier, believe it!) I withdrew it. Now I sleep
all night through. That's the only reason for not having my phone
number showing, but it's a big one to me - and for getting a
peaceful night's rest.
But you'll always be able to email me at

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

*** What about a fax number then?

Let me ask you, why are you reading this email instead of getting
a fax from me? Faxes are so last century. They cost money to send
and the phone wakes me up in the middle of the night again. (See
the previous question for the same reasons I don't give my fax
number out).

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

*** Even your street address isn't shown!

I had my full address on my website for many years. But with the
growing number of stolen identities these days, showing personal
items like street address is getting risky. But that lack of
address doesn't mean I'm a huckster. Just that I've gone for most
of my online life without problems, and I ain't gonna start them

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

*** What makes the Silver Lotto System and you, Ken Silver, any
different from the hundreds of strange, unproven, weird and bogus
systems out there?

Let's look at the differences. First, unlike the other systems, I
tell you there's no certainty of any wins at any time with me.
This has got to be an unusual way to sell a system - by promising
nothing. But on the other hand, thousands have found out that
when played properly, the Silver Lotto System can work and
achieve good wins.
But you could also play for a while without seeing a dime in
winnings. That's all part of the randomness of the lottery, and
no system can guarantee you success, even mine. Happy?

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

*** Is it easy to get my money returned if I don't win anything?

My Return Policy is that you'll win something in the
test period of up to 56 days. Your win may be a large or
small one. Many people using my system win lots of smaller prizes
often. But even a small win means the system is working for you.
Those small wins with the Silver Lotto System are like a car's
indicator lights. They click, click, click away... not doing much
except a little flashing and winning, but they're actually a
beacon showing the way. That car - representing your big win - is
soon going to turn the corner. Then, like me, you won't have to
work again! Believe it.
But if you don't win anything in the 56 day timeframe
(never happened yet), then I first give my personal assistance to
help you. I ask you questions to check that you're using the
system correctly, and check your stats to help you further. It's
all designed to help you. After all, would you rather have the
chance of obtaining a monster amount of money - or get your
investment back and have no chance at all? Easy choice, isn't it!

>> Buy now here with 56-day Guarantee and 40% Off:

There you are, you know more about me and my system than anyone -
except the other 225,000 on my mailing lists. (225,!
Please don't all write back at once!)

Feel happier now?

Or got a question? See

Happy winning!
Ken Silver
"Helping People Profit Since 1991"
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