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LOTTO-DAILY--The Ferrari At The School Reunion

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Darkness was falling as Jack slipped through the gates of his old

Was it really 10 years since the last reunion?

As he made his way up the drive lined with old cars and older
SUV's, a black Ferrari caught his eye, sitting sleek and pretty
in front of the manicured bushes.

He peered inside at the red upholstery and gleaming dashboard.

Must belong to the guest speaker, he thought as he entered the

The band stopped playing a few minutes later, and the crowd were
told to look for their names on the tables. Dinner was going to
be served soon.

As he eased into his chair, Jack almost didn't recognize
classmate Leon sitting beside him.

The former immigrant was smartly dressed, and had an air of
confidence about him.

They got talking as the meal progressed, and eventually Jack
asked him what he had been doing since they last met.

Leon smiled and said he had an internet business that was doing
real well.

Jack laughed, "So is that your cool Ferrari in the driveway?"

Leon nodded. "Yes, I have this since last year," he explained in
his slightly broken accent.

Jack was now very curious.

He wanted to know more about Leon's business, but it wasn't until
later in the evening that Leon decided to spill the beans after a
drink or two.

They sat at a table away from the noise, and Leon started
explaining as Jack leaned forward intently.

Leon said it was a simple business that anyone could do.

He said he started off just a couple of years back when he began
consistently winning lottery games with the Silver Lotto System.

His success rate was so good that wondered how he could buy more

Money was tight at the time, so he was looking for a way to earn
some extra cash to put into a larger spend on each game.

It was an idea from Ken Silver on one of his affiliate blogs that
set him off on the path to prosperity.

"I can tell you this secrets because there is no competition in
what I do," Leon explained. "nobody has realize the bigness of
this plan."

Leon started by signing up for a free Blogger account from
Google at www.blogger.com

He called it the Florida Lottery Results blog, or something
similar. "I cannot remember name detail," he apologized.

Then he went to Yahoo and found the weekly lottery results for
the Florida Lotto game.

Then each Wednesday and Saturday he listed those results on his

Each week he would change the title of each post, keeping the
basic words that told the reader it was a Florida winning numbers
result - but changing and adding in different words.

This was to improve the response from the search engines.

He also started giving information about previous winners and
number patterns in these posts as well.

All this came from press releases on the Florida Lottery official
site, but he reworded them completely so that there was no

This, said Leon, made sure that his blog would not be slammed.

"I think you mean spammed," laughed Jack.

This was getting to be VERY interesting, he thought.

A system that cost nothing but a little time.... it took Leon
only 10 minutes to do each post.

Jack interrupted. "But how did you make money from just a few
blog posts?"

Leon smiled. "I explain," he said.

First he signed up to Clickbank, the affiliate provider which Ken
sold his products through:

The signup was a quick process that only took a couple of

"It's done forever then," he said. "That's how Clickbank know
where to send my money!"

That gave Leon his own unique affiliate name.

When anyone clicked on a link in the post containing his
Clickbank name, he got paid a commission from Clickbank.

Sales were few and far between at the beginning, but Leon figured
that once he knew it was working even at this small level, he
could expand.

He did this by making daily posts about the Florida lottery.

It was amazing what he could find with a quick search on Google,
and in no time he was writing posts on all aspects of the
game... who won and their personal stories, what rules helped
play, which days were best and so on.

Some of the tips came from Ken Silver's blog, again completely

Leon laughed. "My English, it is not so good for speaking, but
writing is easy, yes?"

As he increased the number of posts, sometimes two or three a
day, his sales started to rise.

Now he was able to double his ticket buying from the sales
commission up to several hundred dollars a week.

But he was still a long way from the glistening Ferrari in the

The secret to that was easy - once he discovered the Ramp-Up

(...continued next issue)

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