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LOTTO-DAILY--1700 Airheads Can't Be Wrong, Or Can They!

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Get settled.

I'm going to tell this story, even if I risk almost turning my
newsletter into a car ezine - judging by the recent growing
number of auto-related articles I've written.

I promise I'll talk about kittens, travel and cake decorating
next time :)

When I bought a new car 6 months back, the dealer put nitrogen in
the tires as a free treat - instead of air.

I scratched my head in surprise when they told me.

Because there is a fierce debate raging on the net about the
merits of this gas vs plain ol' air.

A long list of posts.

I read over 1700 of them.

Now, on the good side, nitrogen doesn't mess with your tires - or
anything else.

It's a peaceful gas, man.

It does however mean you have to go back to the tire shop for
expensive refills and topups.

But as I went to the net and examined the threads talking about
whether it was a really useful improvement for tires, I really
had to stop laughing at times.

Because some of the so-called advantages were ludicrous.

Just like the politician years back who said that if national
daylight saving was introduced, people's curtains would fade

Now, I'm not going to list why some of these airy arguments
didn't make sense.

But I had to say that when US car crazy comedian Jay Leno said he
put nitrogen in ALL his fleet of 200 collectible autos - I
stopped and listened for a while.

And thought a bit more.


You know what?

It's like comparing one lottery system to another.

Trying to find the right one that will spew out $1000 notes like
there's no tomorrow.

Because there's only a couple of systems that actually work (and
I'm not so sure about the other one - the claims it makes are
laughable too).

When you get my system, I actually TELL you how it works.

AND back it up with stories from lots of sane folk who have won a
little or a lot.

OK, there's a couple of big secrets I hold back, but most of the
time I spill my guts.

AND I have thousands of testimonials that are not made up.

Makes it an easy choice, doesn't it?

I'll tell you what gas I chose in a minute, but first I want to
talk about what I do every Monday at this time.

I give away some of the farm.

That means I reveal secret info from my Lotto-80 System that
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OK, about the nitrogen decision?

An hour ago I fired up my air compressor and went round the 3
cars I own, topping their tires up with fresh air.

The argument for nitrogen just wasn't compelling enough.

I hope you don't have to read 1700 posts about getting air into
your life, as I did.

Or finding the best lottery system.

I'm hoping this newsletter will make your mind up for you... get
some fresh air into your thinking.

And if you have any doubts - I have written close on 2,000 other
blog posts and newsletters that show my system is the best you
can get.

But don't read them all at once.

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Make Every Play Day A PAY Day!

Ken Silver
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