Thursday, July 14, 2011

LOTTO-DAILY--Being Rich Is Actually Quite Boring

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In a moment of inattention the other day I drove my Bentley into
the edge of a gutter, scraping one of the spokes.

And the wheel repair guy - a master tradesman with a great
reputation - has just left my garage after fixing it.

It now looks like new, and cost me a lot less than a hundred

Now, back in the days when I was as poor as a churchmouse, this
kind of catastrophe would terrify me.

First I would get upset about the condition of the car.

Not only because it looked so crappy, but because it cost so much
to repair - relative to my meager in.come back then.

That was my second problem... I never could afford it.

Nowadays it's nothing.

No big deal.

My biggest problem these days is whether the wheel guy will
arrive too early to allow me a sleep-in!

Is that a problem you'd like to have?

Here's another...

Back then I always had more bill payments than paydays.

Juggling the power and gas bills to allow something over to eat
was a nightmare.

Nowdays it is all set up in an automatic bill payment system
organised by my bank.

I only check the invoices to see that nothing is

And it's all quite boring, because everything flows smoothly and
a couple of minutes a day is all I spend on it.

The point of my story is this:

Just think about the difference between your life and mine.

I don't mean to brag or boast. This is not my intention.

But I do want to make you a little envious.

Because well-directed envy is a grand motivator.

So, when you can't be bothered getting down to the lottery store
with your tickets...

When you can't find time to fill out your tickets from my system
(a one-time 30 minute event)...

When my system seems too good to be true and you toss it in the
bottom drawer...'ll think of me and the thousands of other Silverites who
have made the most of our lottery winnings.

Let me tell you...

More money ALWAYS makes an improvement in your life.

And you can never have too much.

My brother lives halfway round the world in England, and we've
just finished skyping each other.

Of course the topic of conversation was the 161,000,000 pound (US
$258m) prize from Tuesday's EuroMillions draw.

He said it was too much for one person.

I said - "Give it away!"

There are countless good works and organisations which would
benefit from even only a million or two.

And there are many ways to solve a problem - even when there is
too much moohlah for one guy.

Now there's a solution to boredom!

Here's another - buy what you need from the product list below
and you'll NEVER again be bored on a draw night!

Make Every Play Day A PAY Day!
Ken Silver
"20 Years Helping People Win Since 1991"

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