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LOTTO-DAILY--5 Surefire Tips For Winning

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Kumaran asks what everyone needs to know in order to get
consistent winnings...

Hi Ken,
Just thought I update you. The good news
is 5 out of 6 (and the additional number)
were in, in the last draw.
The bad news is I had not bought the tickets.
I'll be persistent from this time onwards...
How do you do it Ken?

How do I stay persistent?


I focus on my end target - the winnings.

Some players find it hard to bounce back after a losing streak.

Others blame the system, the weather, bad luck.

Not me.

I have strong, immovable goals that I work on each day. I'm
extremely persistent.

And the rewards flow in because I stay motivated.

Here's how anyone can improve their persistence:

1) Believe that your winning day will come.
As you've seen in the testimonials on my web sites, my Silver
Lotto Systems get wins for players who follow my principles. And
I've found it's normal for these winners to continue to play even
when the last game was a no-win. They have stickability, they
know it's only a matter of time... and sooner or later it pays

2) Refuse to acknowledge losses.
Whenever there are top people in their field, you can bet they
got there through dogged determination. Most have lost big-time
in their lives, but they have fought on to make a comeback. Read
any book on any of life's winners and you will discover the same
thing... they all possess a gritty determination against huge
odds, and believe their losses are temporary. Lotto is no
different, believe me.

3) Have a bigger goal.
If you give up too soon, it's probably because you haven't set
your play target high enough. Don't plan to win in 2 year's time
- tell yourself you are going to make it in 2 months! Then plan
to make your winning a reality by playing MORE in the games that
give you the best chance.

4) Get a ritual going.
Go down to your local lottery shop at the same time each week. Go
with the same friend each time. Park in the same spot if you can.
See the same assistant to have your tickets processed. Have a
coffee afterwards in the same shop. These small rituals build on
your play tactics so you'll feel as if you're missing out when
you don't do it. That gives you an automatic incentive to keep
going. Once you've done this a number of times, it will be easy
to continue through the no-win periods.

5) Enjoy the game.
Yes, it's only a game. You might only play 3-5 games before you
have a good win... or you may play more. But whatever the number
it takes, remember, it's not rocket science. Trust the system to
work for you.

One more tip... if you have had a string of bad luck in your
past, don't worry. Winning a lotto game does NOT depend on how
much bad luck you've had in your life.

As long as you keep moving and trying, you will make your own
good luck.

Winners do more - they play more, and work harder than the rest
of the population.

That's all you need to do too.

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Ken Silver
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