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LOTTO-DAILY--Show me the money! 3 secrets Tom Cruise would use to win the lottery.

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Tom Cruise and I have a quirky physical similarity that I'll tell
you about in a minute.

Oh yeah, we go way back on this one :)

But first I want to reveal how he makes all the right moves.

Because you don't get anywhere in this world without some special

And I don't mean Scientology.

Some folk would argue that he's not the best looking guy in town.

But he does have other talents, in spades.

And that's what I want to outline to you now.

So let's get the ball rolling...

If you were in Tom's shoes... and applied your talent to the
lottery, here's how you would start winning like crazy:

TOM'S SECRET #1: He Jumps On Couches...

You've seen that trampolining action on tv, right?

Tom jumping on Oprah Winfrey's couch back in 2005, as he declares
his love for his now-wife Katie Holmes?

Crazy, we all thought.

Yet that is EXACTLY how he approaches most projects in his
life... with enthusiasm and gusto.

Nothing half-hearted here... no Cruisin' on through.

He is on FIRE with everything... over the top.

He started the phone calling craze at red carpet events by taking
fan's cellphones - and chatting with their moms or friends at the
other end.

He is personal, upfront and passionate about his work and

Love him or hate him, you've got to admit one thing...

That if he brought this whirlwind of interest to the lottery, he
would be buying tickets like crazy.

And winning.

IN TOM'S SHOES: You can bring a passion for winning simply by
acting keen. In turn this makes you more enthused about the game.
Increase your involvement by playing two games a week instead of
one a month. More is ALWAYS better, and the only way you can stay
concentrated for the time it takes to win, is to have a high
octane passion. My own passion is to keep you motivated... hoping
to inspire you to win more and play better.

TOM'S SECRET #2: He Only Films Blockbusters...

Have you ever seen a home-grown Film Festival film starring Tom?

Nope - he only does the big event films... action movies mostly.

And laughs all the way to the bank.

Do you know why they are ACTION films?

Yup - these giant epics are the fastest way to stardom and box
office wealth.

None of the slow, plodding backwaters for Tom.

He gets in where the action starts and follows through big - like
a bull in a china shop - right to the end.

IN TOM'S SHOES: Action - high energy action - always beats a
slow, tortise-like life. Every game you choose to play, you've
gotta play FAST and big. Don't slow down or wimp out... keep the
action revving. And don't play small fish... go for the power
games to increase your chances of getting better prizes. I have
power solutions for games like Powerball and MegMillions to help

Friday night I had my husband choose numbers to fill out a
Powerball profile so that I could see if I could be successful
creating a profile myself. That profile also had 4 numbers on one
of the Profile lines and 3 lines with just the Powerball, so
there would have been a total of 4 winners on that Profile chart.
This proves to me that absolutely anyone can use your system.
Mary J.

TOM'S SECRET #3. He Never Stops for Breath...

Tom has been making movies since the 1981 "Endless Love."

He makes films year-in, year-out...

He's appeared in a total of 38 up to now.

Raking in the money.

It's rare that a year goes by without Tom acting, writing or
directing a film.

Right now he's filming "Rock of Ages," an 80's style film
starring Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin among others.

He doesn't slow down or take a break.

We don't know his motivation, but I'm guessing he wants to do
more work.

To increase his exposure and longevity.

And success.

IN TOM'S SHOES: You have to keep playing the game. And the longer
you play, the better your chances of winning. It's all tied up
with Frequency and Recency... fancy lottery words that mean you
must play more, more often. Simple. Every Silver Lotto System
winner who plays often has a great track record of wins. For some
it can be small, others big:

I've won: $400.00, $300.00, $75.00, $50.00, $10.00, $5.00, $3.00
not just once but many times... I won every week for four months
on Powerball. It was a great feeling...YOUR SYSTEM WORKS.
Thank you
Michael A. (ardo*****@alltel.net)

Use these 3 secrets from Tom, and stop spinning your wheels.

Crib the talents of successful people, and increase your lottery
success by copying them.

Oh, and the body part I share with Tom?

Our front teeth.

His are slightly off center, tilted sideways.

As are mine.

We've both had our teeth redone - so skillfully, no-one really

I think.

Doesn't matter.

Take a looky-loo at my products below... and buy whatever you
don't have.

It's worth every penny when the wins come through!

Make Every Play Day A PAY Day!

Ken Silver
"20 Years Helping People Win Since 1991"

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