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LOTTO-DAILY--Glug Glug Glug...The Lottery LAG Effect, And How You Can Take Advantage Of It

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Got this email from Jasper P.

"Hi Ken, bought your Silver Lotto a couple weeks back, and I've
only gotten $120 back and I spent $46. Wheres all the big money
you promise!"

OK Jasper, let me tell you something.

You're doing well.

Some folk who don't use my systems have spent YEARS without a
win, like Vince:

Hi Ken,
I just want to quickly let you know Ive been
using your system for 3 weeks now and am
astounded at the results so far! Nothing huge
yet, but Ive won 4 div.5 and 3 div.4, better than
Ive done ever and Ive been playing for years...
...Thanks for your time, and your amazing
lotto system!

V Moore (address supplied)

So Jasper - you're actually doing well with your investment so

But one of the interesting facts about playing and winning is the
lag effect.

It works like this...

You play a few games and nothing seems to happen... there is a
lag in your results.

Then all of a sudden, wins start springing out of thin air, as
John discovered:

OK i tried many other lotto programs and
they all stank. i piled money in and got
nothing back. So i tried yours. it took a
while but i started to get some dollars.
Then last week I got $77,000.00. wow!!!! I
never had that much money in my life its
like 2 years wages all at one time. First
thing I did was to get my cards paid of.
Then I treated my G/F and family out. My
name is like gold in my home. Thanks!!!
John Nive, LA (name and address supplied)

It's a common effect.

That's why it's important to follow one of the most important
actions in any stage of life - persistance.

Sometimes it's all too easy to give up, when in fact the best
results come when you push through those lag barriers.

One of my daughters is a freediver.

She stays underwater for long periods, hoping to break a few

And she tells me there are several points in the dive where it's
easy to give up.

But with practice it is actually easy to break through these
'last gasp' events and continue on to a longer dive.

The secret is knowing the point at which you may give up - then
overcoming it.

In the lottery world, it can be after just one or two games where
your wins are small.

You might be inclined to toss it all in.

That is EXACTLY the point at which you need to redouble your

You can always speed up this stage by using the Lotto-80 System
to increase both your win rate and your winnings.

I recommend getting a Lotto-80 membership as soon as you can to
improve your winnings.

Then play consistently to take advantage of the lag effect.

After purchasing both your Silver Lotto System and your Lotto 80,
I bided my time with my chosen numbers, waited until I had the
"green" light, and won $450US...This was only my first run!! Can
you imagine the excitement of discovering you've matched 4 out of
5 numbers. 1 more number and I would have been $750,000 richer.
This system is awesome!
Best Regards,

Stephanie B.**

Get it here:

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Ken Silver
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