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LOTTO-DAILY--How To Achieve A Super Memory In Less Than 10 Minutes

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How many times has your partner or friend asked you to pick
something up for them when you've gone to the lotto store.

And you've completely forgot?

And you smacked your forehead in annoyance and vowed to always
ALWAYS write it down the next time.

And you forgot to write it down.


(OK, must be just me then).

Well, for those who don't ever want to be caught out this way,
here's how you can remember a list of up to 10 items without
fail, every time.

The secret is to make a numbered list as your memory 'hub,'
starting at 1 and going up to 10.

Then you memorize, permanently, these following mnemonic images
attached to each number.

They rhyme with the number... that's the twist that makes it easy
to remember.

Here they are:

1 - gun
2 - glue
3 - tree
4 - door
5 - hive
6 - sticks
7 - heaven
8 - gate
9 - vine
10 - hen

Now, the way to memorize these objects with the number is to make
them vast, in a cartoonish way.

The more distorted and unreal you can visualize them, the more
they will be retained in your memory.

For example, my number 1, the gun, is a massive blunderbuss with
an enormous fan-shaped barrel.

My number 5, the hive, is the height of a 10 story building with
enormous bees dive bombing me.

The crazier your visualization, the brighter the colors, the
better your retention of the connection.

Once you've done this, the hard part is over.

The images are now locked in your memory for good, ready to
associate with the items you need to remember.

The next part is fun and easy.

Just associate the items you are trying to remember with your
already memorized hub images.

Let's take 3 items you need to get from your next lottery store

1. Chocolate bar
2. Milk
3. Screwdriver

For the first, the chocolate, you might imagine your blunderbuss
shooting a massive blast of shot into a bar of chocolate on an
enormous target.

Feel the recoil, be deafened by the sound of the shot, see the
bar explode into a thousand pieces.

Absorb that imagery for a second, then move on to the milk.

I'm imagining trying to pry a carton of milk from the table, but
it's stuck there with glue. It won't budge, and the glue is
stretching, and the table is getting pulled around.

Got the picture?

See screwdrivers hanging from the branches of a tree for your
number 3.

Recall then is simple. Just picture the number with the cartoon
image and the item associated with it.

Then try it with a list of 10 items.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to bring back those
exaggerated pictures in your head, and you'll be able to reel off
the list quickly.

You can easily do the list backwards, or start at any number.

As a party trick this will amaze anyone who doesn't know how you
do it.

Some memory experts use a list of dozens or a hundred number
associations to do the same thing on a bigger scale.

It's easy now you know how.

And best of all, like me, you'll come home with the right items!

Did you remember the lotto tickets too?

Don't be like these players who forgot to use my system:

My friend, who I left the copy of your system at her house, who
also helped me calculate the numbers in your system, called me
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numbers, even though I had planned to play them for myself,
instead, I left the numbers in my office.
Charles J.
I checked the Canadian lotto 6/49 result and I matched 5 out of 6
winning numbers and another line of 3 out of 6 winning numbers.
Had I bought my tickets yesterday I would be collecting a cheque
for more than $2,150 dollars on Monday morning. This is the
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Owen G.
With 18 hits, all 3 number calls in our 7/49 draw system but @
various positions (lines) on cards, would have won me R461.00 A
15.68% return.
Cobus V.
The other surprise was that the winning numbers were in the very
first line of Profile 1 which I compiled using my own numbers.
Had I entered the Oz Tues draw we would have had 4 correct
Mary D.

And the biggest loss:

"$1 MILLION! But..."

After taking tickets of the same series for some time,... I
decided to extend out to a much larger number of entries. This
was what Ken had been saying so I followed instructions. Now I
needed to get organised quickly and cut to the chase, buy the
tickets and watch the results. I did get organised but alas I let
that fateful night go by when I did not buy and the prize pool
meant that $1M would have been won as my first line of numbers
came up.

Lester R .
(Name and Address Supplied)

Make Every Play Day A PAY Day!

Ken Silver
"20 Years Helping People Win Since 1991"

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