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LOTTO-DAILY--How to stop these 7 common lottery winning bloopers and rocket your wins like a pro

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Even experts make mistakes when they play the lottery.

Crazy, nonsensical mistakes they don't know about - and which
will never help their game.

Even Silverites (buyers of my system) crash when they least
expect to.

The obvious one is Not Playing.

But there are other errors equally as bad, and so here's 7 of the
worst - with the answers to overcome them.

Then I'm going to reveal this week's coming predictions for you.

MISTAKE #1. Not Being Bold Enough.

Are you a timid person financially? Do you dither around in the
supermarket over which pack of cereal you should choose? Now's
the time to change your attitude. Be bold. The Silver Lotto
System works well with say, 5 bucks worth of tickets. But it
works even better with $10. That's because your percentage return
is greater when you give it a bigger chance, and that's how I get
98% win results too. Don't hold back. Take a bold step for the
next game and give it your best shot by adding more money to the
mix. You'll be surprised at how the results stack up over time.

MISTAKE #2. Not Sticking To The System.

One week you'll use the first 10 lines from your Profiles,
and the next week you'll use from 20 to 40. Then you'll split
between the two, or take another game altogether. Strategy-wise,
it's like trying to corral a herd of cats. You're spreading
yourself thin, and that never works. Stick to your knitting.
Follow the path of enlightenment - the Silver Lotto System
instructions - and stay focused on one game only, and use the
SAME lines each time.

MISTAKE #3. Overplaying.

Never get into debt. Don't borrow to play. Don't spend the
housekeeping. Only spend what you can afford, otherwise you'll
feel guilty at your first 'loss' and decide to play less or give
up altogether.

MISTAKE #4. Adding Random Numbers.

Some people spy an apparent 'hole' in my system. They think it
doesn't look right for some reason, and decide to add their own
version of numbers from the tea leaf pattern in their teacup.
Sometimes they think the system will look a bit odd, and they'll
split away from the rules on other times. Don't worry, it's
intentional. Trust and play. Don't put in your street number, a
hot number from the horoscope, or that license plate number from
a red car passing by exactly on noon. It won't do you any good.
Follow the instructions.

MISTAKE #5. Not Celebrating Your Successes.

A lot of folk think a $100 winnings is no big deal. Maybe
they've come to expect it with my system that keeps hammering out
winnings for me and thousands of others each time. But look at it
this way - you are doing well to get even those 100 smackeroos.
You are competing against odds that are truly astronomical... 1
in 70 milllion sometimes in the big games. If NASA though the
odds of getting to the moon were more than 1 in 2, they wouldn't
have sent their astronauts there. And yet your odds are so
massive that it is a miracle your numbers ever match. So when
they do, you've got a true cause to celebrate. You have just
beaten off 70 milllion other number combinations to get your 100
bucks. Celebrate, enjoy! It's all good practice for when it
becomes $100 milllion!

MISTAKE #6. Not Staying In The Game.

Play a game. Play the next game. Repeat until winning. Simple,
ain't it!

MISTAKE #7. Not Playing When You Should.

My testimonial pages are riddled with stories of players who
didn't play, or played too late. These two lost over $2.6
milllion between them!

Hi Ken,
I been playing the lotto for 12 years and never had won any thing,
then last week I brought your silver lotto system and did play
saturday and monday, on saturday I got 3+ numbers and on Monday I
got 5 numbers out of 6, I was so close to get the big one I never
been that far...

If I have came across your system 6 months ago, I would be half a
million dollars richer today!!! In between, I did won some small
prize winnings. It's easy and enjoy using it.
I'm now convinced and will continue to use your fantastic Silver
Lotto system and start to recommend this wonderful system to my
friends through your sales affiliate program.
John Tay

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Ken Silver
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